Windows 10, an almost dead laptop, OS-tans and the future

Hi.  It’s been a while.  A lot has happened in the past few months of my absence.  I hopped back to Windows, almost killed my computer, have developed an odd fondness for OS-tans (blame tPenguinLTG. Also, #Ai4Lyfe) and I’m currently debating switching distros.  So, let’s talk about what happened on my absence. Continue reading


Penguins help clean up broken glass

Earlier this week, my friend brought his laptop to me because Windows 8 refused to boot after a restart. He had attempted to repair it himself, but ended up making things worse, to the point that the manufacturer recovery console and the Windows 8 installer wouldn’t even boot. Thankfully for him, I had the power of Linux with me and we were able to revive his laptop very easily.

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