Come in, the door is open

Hey, look who decided to drop by! I don’t know how you found your way here, but we’re glad you came.

Hello, I’m tPenguinLTG, and I present to you *nix Windows, an active log of how three guys learn Linux with hopes to one day replace Microsoft Windows as our primary operating system.

The other two bloggers who will be joining me are Dreadnought Six and DdcCabuslay. These two wanted to “learn Linux”, and as an experienced Linux user who has already made the switch to Arch Linux, they asked me for advice on how to get started. I recommended PCLinuxOS with KDE to Ddc, and DSix wanted to jump right into “hard mode” and use Arch Linux. DSix will be using CrunchBang Manjaro Arch Linux as his primary distribution.

This blog will be a place for them to tell us about their experiences and difficulties with Linux, and for me to give them tips and tricks. It will also be a place for the three of us to voice our opinions on various things related to Linux, including our preferred software. Given the spontaneous nature of our struggles and experiments, plus our other priorities, there will not be a set schedule. Instead, the three of us will post when we come across anything noteworthy. It’s much like the schedule of an open source project, really: “when we have time to play around with it”.

We present this material with hopes that you, as the reader, can have the pleasure of learning with us, relating with us, agreeing with us, disagreeing with us, and possibly even laugh at us. So, don’t be shy: leave a comment and speak your mind; your comments will help us all and show other readers that they’re not alone. Be respectful, of course, because we’re all in this together. Even I will have something to learn from Ddc and DSix, and even you.

If you’re itching to get up and stretch your legs a bit, feel free to explore the site. Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave.
If you’d like to stay for a bit, I’ll go over some of the design decisions that were put into this blog.

Welcome again to *nix Windows, and we hope you enjoy learning with us.

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